I spend much of my time taking beautiful family photographs of you. I love meeting new people, listening to  their stories, enjoying their kids. My favorite style of photography is Portrait, I wouldn't say I am a "specialist" in any certain type of photography, but my work really shines with families, kids and newly engaged couples. Weddings are stressful and chaotic and I love every minute of them.

I lost my mother at a fairly young age and looking back I couldn't find one fantastic family photo to put on my own wall in my own home. Lots of candids, but not that one important one. I'm not the only photographer out there with this story. I think many of us in this profession turn to photography just because of a loss in our lives. We realize how important every moment is and we take the photographs to cherish for later. I am here to capture your memories and to give you that beautiful image for your wall. I have many family photos of my kids, myself and my husband in my home~Trust me, you will thank me later!